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Windows & Doors

Do You Need New Windows & Doors?

Do you feel a draft? As winter tightens its grip on South-West Ontario you may start to notice cold air making its way into your home. Which also means the warm air that you are paying for is escaping to the outdoors! Your windows and doors may be the cause of 90% of your homes heat loss even if they are relatively new.

Improperly installed, and poorly insulated windows and doors are all too common in Ontario, a place where many can’t afford to loose heat. It gets pretty cold here, and even the most efficient furnaces can still take a chunk from your paycheck each month.

We Can Help With Windows & Doors

Medley Exteriors installs new windows and doors and can clad and seal around old windows and doors as well. We take the time to insulate the space around and in between properly, with the best insulating products available. Old rotted wood is replaced where needed, then aluminum or vinyl metal clads and permanently protects you window or door from further wear. Finally, a durable cocking seals all joints and spaces, leaving no room for old man winter to sneak in to your home.

When to Replace?

First, If you feel the cold or wind coming in from around your windows and doors, or if your curtains and blinds move on their own, your windows are most likely loosing heat. Second, If you notice the areas around your windows are beginning to deteriorate from condensation or water leaks, it’s best to replace them. Putting it off can cost you more in the long run. Finally, If you live in a old home that with original windows, or if the mechanisms in your windows aren’t working correctly anymore, you can bet you’re losing heat and money by not replacing your old windows and doors.

Call Medley Exteriors for a free no obligation quote on new doors and windows, or see what it costs to fix up existing ones. Medley Exteriors is your best choice in Brantford, Ontario and the surrounding area for quality installs of windows and doors.